Circular Saw safety steps 3 and 4

Step 3: Clamp the actual straightedge jig for the edge of your workbench, and also fixed your current spherical noticed and so the cutting tool will probably slice throughout the foundation. Trim the beds base to fix size by simply driving the actual saw’s foundation over the jig fence (see Photo 3). Be sure to make use of a well-defined, carbide-tipped cutting tool as well as plywood-cutting cutting tool to be able to toned the beds base beautifully.


Step four: Given that your current straightedge jig will be custom-fitted to your noticed, making use of it is a bite. To slice some sort of linen, 1st boost the idea journey floorboards along with small bit hindering to produce a crystal clear room for that cutting tool. Make sure the complete linen will be reinforced sufficiently and also upon each attributes in the slice. Pull tick scars upon just about every edge in the linen to be able to draw the actual slice, and also make your current straightedge foundation with the format scars. Clamp the actual jig safely for the linen, and also you will be prepared.


Crosscut Jig

And here is another easy jig which utilizes a quit pub to position the actual jig’s fence squarely over some sort of workpiece. Just one finish in the quit expands over and above the actual fence to register your current noticed cutting tool along with format scars on the workpiece (see Photo 5). This particular jig will be helpful in making rectangular crosscuts upon narrower share as well as zipping over fraction sheets regarding plywood. And here is making the idea:


The first step: Slice the 8- to be able to 10-in. -wide section of 3/4-in. plywood for that jig fence. Produce the actual fence twenty five with. extended. Slice the actual fence to be able to period meticulously and so the stops are generally just rectangular. Rip some sort of strip regarding solid wood 1 1/4 with. vast and also 12 to be able to age 14 with. really miss the actual jig quit.


Step 2: Secure the actual fence and forestall collectively consequently one finish in the quit aligns along with one edge in the fence. Connect the actual elements along with 1 1/2-in. flathead lumber screws powered in to countersunk initial openings (see Photo 6).


Step 3: Trim the actual overhanging finish in the quit for the appropriate offset for the spherical noticed. To make this happen, suit the actual jig spanning a large section of 2x small bit, and also clamp each elements to your workbench. Guideline the beds base of your respective noticed resistant to the jig fence with the cutting tool fixed to be able to slice throughout the complete size in the quit (see Photo 7).


Step four: This particular jig will be set with regard to work with! Most it requires is really a one tick draw on the workpiece to setup a detailed crosscut. Fall into line the tip in the quit along with your draw, clamp the actual jig and also create your current slice (see Photo 8). Fast, effortless, and also furthermore, right!