HomeWrecker is great for tear out & demo on remodeling jobs

Introducing the all new amazing HomeWrecker – a hammer that instead of regular claws, has cat’s claws. We call it the HomeWrecker because it really excels at tear out and demo on various remodeling jobs. The HomeWrecker has tough, hard hitting power with razor sharp claws that dig deep to extract the toughest nail.

HomeWrecker’s design includes a raised top to support a striking surface for use of the claws and to provide leverage for pulling nails out completely without having to use a block of wood for extra support. A brand new hammer that can tear out and build up!

How HomeWrecker Works…

1.) To start, the HomeWrecker can be used just like a normal hammer for driving nails.

2.) But then, it turns into a wrecking machine.

3.) The HomeWrecker can be used to dig nails out of wood.

4.) Just chop away until the head of the nail can be caught.

To remove a nail without severe damage to the wood, do the following:

5.) Line the HomeWrecker hammer up on the nail.

6.) Hit the HomeWrecker hammer with another hammer to dig the claws around the embedded nail.

7.) The HomeWrecker’s claws dig under the nail to grip it for removal.

8.) Once the nail is caught, use the HomeWrecker’s long handle to pry the nail from the board. A standard hammer cannot remove the nail without a block to pivot on.

9.) The HomeWrecker’s built in pivot makes pulling a nail easy. A full 3” long nail can be removed simply from the wood.

Other features:

With the HomeWrecker, you only need one tool instead of a Hammer and a Cat’s Claw.

The hole in the HomeWrecker can be used to move the foundation bolts into place.